Best Principled Solutions LLC enlists your represen-

   tatives to develop high-impact corporate customized

   training solutions with the unique needs for each

   engagement in mind.   An activity-driven, client

   specific assessment is crafted with end goals in 

   mind and the results draw the path of least

   resistance as to clarifying the best means to attain


  Your solutions are created through components of training and coaching that have been identified by          you. Mastering an understanding of productive tension and energy management are by-products of each    commitment.  

  Empowering your team through developing your business culture is paramount to securing a content,       motivated workforce that supports achieving  your bottom-line.

  Specialties: Let me support you through your change.

  • An Explorientation to Change
  • Leading Yourself First – Self-Awareness and Influence
  • Executive Presence and Gravitas
  • Culturally conscious leadership
  • Pride-based Leadership
  • ChangeWorks!
  • Accountability
  • Negotiations – Mastering Difficult Conversations Confidently
  • Stalking Your Energy Vampires
  • Team Building – Fostering Collaboration
  • Creativity and Innovations in Your Workplace
  • Creating a Compelling Vision and Celebrating Victories
  • Clarifying Values
  • And more.

  Role-playing, exercises, readings and  other practical applications are built into every training.  Coaching

  participants through keen observation and critical listening are added benefits to every corporate                  transformation.
   It's all about ACCOUNTABILITY!



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