In our every day lives, whether    at work, in the community, in our    beliefs or with our families, each      of us has the opportunity to lead      ourselves somewhere.  We wake,    we make choices and we can            either lead ourselves to a more        purposeful, intential life, or off a      cliff to a sure demist for ourselves    or for how we treat others.

  At Best Principled Solutions, we        help individuals and                            organizations identify and                  eliminate the obstacles that stand    between them and their goals.          We support you in discovering          your goals and how to attain              them.

  Are you a senior executive that is      kept up at night worried about          your performance or the                    performance of those around            you?  Are you a neighborhood          block leader, a church elder, a          committee member or someone      who just feels off base?  

  We use diagnostic tools to assess    these issues and how they are          affecting you and your goals. All        of these tools are based on                tension or energy management.      You know the difference between    good and not so enthusiastic


  Through both personal                      experience and professional              schooling, Best Principled                  Solutions is able to provide you        with customized programming to    suit your needs.

  We offer five basic services when      working with individuals, building    teams inside corporations or            organizations, or with unrelated      groups who want to get unstuck.

 Coaching - working with a client,      asking clarifying questions to            prompt the individual to generate    their own goals, craft their own        strategies and formulate their          own realistic measures of                  accountability. Group coaching        might take place in your                      establishment or a safe space off-    campus.

  ‚ÄčConsulting -working with a            client, asking clarifying                        questions and providing                    recommendations                                surrounding a particular topic          such as human capital                        development, business, sales,    or    board development.                            Additionally, transitioning                  leadership or exit strategies              are regularly provided.

Services - What we do

  Facilitation - Through the Center    for Civic Engagement at the              University   of Penn, community        conversations were held                    sometimes with up to 500                  screaming people in a school            auditorium.  The underlying              theme of Dialogue and                        Deliberation is one of the                  methods offered for corporate          retreats or team building                    exercises.  Relationship building      is paramount to assure success        when such conversations are            conducted.

  Speaking- There is nothing              worse  than listening to someone    meant to inspire you and all that      you are thinking is get the hook.      Addressing national conferences,    local membership organizations      and again at corporate retreats,        engaging your audience in the          topic  by the speaker is a learned      behavior.  The impact of words        and  actions can empower others    to  become better leaders - no          matter what their title.

 Training -  Customized trainings      can be brought into your place of    business after assessing your            staff's specific needs. 

   Additionally, webinars of general     interest and half- day and multi-      day trainings around specific            topics are offered on a regular          basis.

  This would also include some of        the MasterMind topics that we          are able to offer due to our                membership with the John                Maxwell Team or Pride-Based          Leadership, an Explorientation to    Change or other programs                aligned with the Center for                Productive Tension.