Kayte has helped us tremendously, specially on our latest projects http://bit.ly/pClAsH and http://bit.ly/oYhXCR with solid content for our commercials and creative ways to reach a larger audience and get our "Green" point across.
Yosi Fischer
818 567-4400
f and h Office Systems

​Kayte understands the real theory behind networking. We've met only a few times but she has a way of remembering people and when the opportunity came up with Women For Hire seeking speakers for their conferences, she thought of me. Although I got the message after the deadline because I was out of town I still sent in my information and now I will be speaking at their Washington DC conference. This is what networking is all about and thanks to Kayte, I want to make sure I pay it forward. I recommend Kayte to anyone reading this recommendation because this is a lady who knows her stuff!

​I met Kayte after she presented Navigating at an Opportunity Knocks conference. 

Since I was unfamiliar with the nonprofit sector, her presentation was very informative, in terms of the industry but also personal preparation. I appreciated her frank comments on the need to understand yourself and your future desires. Her introduction on change and lack of control was also very good and helpful.

I encourage anyone seeking assistance with career searching, planning or guidance to reach out to Kayte. She's knowledgable, creative, and compassionate.

​Kayte Connelly is an exceptional business women and an expert in her field. I went to Kayte seeking advice and direction and received so much more. She helped me to identify my goals and gave me the courage to take charge of my life. Kayte helped me to understand what positive thinking and determination can achieve. She changed my life and I am grateful for her superb services.