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First,  do no harm: then, mission, mission.
Focus - discover, commit    Focus- deliver, measure      FOCUS!

First, do no harm: then, mission, mission, mission!

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Where are YOU now?

          Where do you WANT to be?

                               WHAT stands in your way?

At Best Principled Solutions LLC, we help individuals and organizations identify and eliminate the obstacles that stand between them and their goals.

Are you an existing or emerging leader that lies awake at night, worried about your performance or the performance of those around you? 

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  They do not necessarily have titles.  They do have followers. They are not necessarily consumed with doing things right; but want to do the right thing.

BPS provides personal, professional and community leadership coaching.

We use diagnostic tools designed for YOUR needs, to assess these issues and determine how they are affecting you and your goals.

Accountability, performance and productivity are the typical culprits. 
Your tension management and energy barometer will guide you to your solutions.

Every situation has unique components.
When we identify your needs, we customize strategies to adapt attitudes and behaviors and reach your goals.

Through coaching, you'll regain the energy that you've been devoting to others and focus your attention on the critical challenges before you.

Our clients become fully engaged in developing their own best principled solutions and enhance their leadership abilities.

You gain the insight and awareness you need to navigate desired change.
Three simple questions:

Where are you now?
Where do you want to be?   
What stands in the way? 

One LAST question:
Together, we will explore your priorities and discover your unique solutions to effect a more productive life. 

We'll list the specific activities that are troubling you,identify where your energy is presently being devoted. Then, we'll define where you'd like to be.
Take this time and say "YES" to Y-O-U.   Why wait for a crisis?  Take action NOW to be the best leader you can be.

By creating a customized accountability plan, our clients gain influence and make a greater impact on their organization.

GET Unstuck!

  • Become an inspired and inspiring leader.
  • Find another set of eyes and ears to support you. 
  • Achieve excellence through positive change in personal and professional behavior for yourself and your organization.
  •  Increase your success, happiness and bottom line by devoting time to Y-O-U!

  • Do you want more from life and all of its gifts?

    Some leaders inherently understand the difference between doing the right thing and doing things right.

    Some so-called leaders, do not.

    Which one are YOU?

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    Commit to change. Commit to being the best you can be. Commit to yourself

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